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ACE Calibration Management System

 ACE CMS – Calibration  on Cloud – a comprehensive, efficient and user friendly Calibration Management Software helps to manage your Gauges & Instruments calibration needs.

  Calibration of gauges and instruments are one of the vital process for any manufacturing industry’s to produce a quality and reliable product to satisfy the customer needs.

Are you finding difficult to manage your present inflexible and unreliable (Index Cards, Word Documents or an Excel Spreadsheets) Gauge calibration system and looking for a solution to resolve the same. Our ACE CMS – Calibration  on Cloud Software can be utilized for Gauge calibration that will help to satisfy your calibration management needs of your growing business without any additional investment on hardware or software infrastructure.

ASSPL’s ACE Calibration Management on Cloud  uses leading, industry-recognized cloud platform and security safeguards to help protect all your company’s data / information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or tampering.

  • Our Software helps to maintain simple and hassle free documentation for all your equipment calibration processes.
  • Hassle free Internal calibration – Generate Internal Calibration Certificates from our system and preserve it in the software for your records.
  • Our Software helps to Analyse your Equipment’s Wear Pattern ( Wear Pattern Analysis).
  • Our Software helps you to analyse your Equipment’s Purchase cost, Calibratio9n Cost and Rework/ Repair Cost.
  • Solution provided by team of people who posses good domain / functional knowledge of Manufacturing Industries.
  • Tracking of all your external calibration service processing are possible with our software. The scanned external calibration service certificate could be preserved in the software for your records.
  • Our calibration history screen / Report is comprehensive, easy to understands, and demonstrates your dedication to calibration of gauges and instruments.
  • Easy addition of new instruments & gauges and issue to proper location.
  • Our software can email you—upcoming and past due calibrationnotifications.
  • Personalize your software by embedding your logo in every report.
  • Allow multiple users to access your calibration database simultaneously with single Username and Password.
  • Our Software uses ONLY a SQL Server database.SQL Server is an incredibly safe, stable and reliable relational database.
  • Our user-manual documentation are thorough, intuitive and easy-to-understand.
  • Instantly locate any gauge in your shop floor. Looking for a particular micrometer or a Dial Gauge? Our software makes it easy!
  • Web based solution, access with any device such as your Tablet, Laptop, Mobile and desktops on multiple OS platforms.
  • Exclusive Android app is available to help you to manage your Calibration system on the go.

ACE CMS – Calibration Reports


Price / Subscription Details

  • Features

  • Base License - Number of Equipment
  • Equipment Movement Register
  • Mobile APP (Android,IOS)
  • Range and Least Count Segregation
  • Certificate Upload for External Calibration
  • QR and Barcode generation
  • QR and Barcode Scanner in Mobile App
  • Number Of Users
  • Menu level User Rights Control
  • Email Alerts
  • Implementation Support ( Online) - Post Sales
  • Internal Calibration
  • Measurement System Analysis (Variable & Attributes)
  • Provision for Assetwise Custom data ( For Eg: Part number wise/ customer wise, etc)
  • Equipment Purchase Costing
  • Equipment Calibration Costing
  • Equipment Rework / Repair Cost
  • Online Training-Post Sales
  • Online support- Post Sales
  • Phone Support-Post Sales
  • No. of Reports
  • Base License
  • Add on license
  • Base license renewal
  • Add on license renewal




  • upto 25 additional Equipment
  • Valid till the date of expiry of your base license renewal date.

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Per Annum

  • upto 500 Equipment

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Per Annum

  • Upto 500 Equipment

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1.The payment for all licenses to be paid annually in advance.
2.The above prices are excluding the applicable tax